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Our team of attorneys at Geerdes and Associates have a combined experience of 50 years, and you can expect that knowledge and strategy to be put to good use in your name. Leading our team of top-notch attorneys is the founding member of the firm, Holly Geerdes.

Attorney Geerdes established herself as a premier trial and appellate attorney many years ago, and she has been living up to that reputation ever since. Her outstanding leadership skills have led to her coordinating state-wide projects as well as training new attorneys in her field. Her high level of success has led to the development of ties to the State Legislature as well as the State Bar. These relationships allow her to improve the overall caliber of the legal services provided within the state.

Those elements are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the experience that she brings to the table. Her illustrious history of past victories that put attorney Geerdes head and shoulders above even the most veteran attorneys in the state. She was named Outstanding Young Lawyer by the State Bar of Georgia in 2004, and in 2006, she was named as one of Georgia’s Top 14 Attorneys Under 40.

Attorney Geerdes is highly sought-after to train and lecture throughout the United States. This level of knowledge and expertise poured into The Estate Law Center to serve the families in the Atlanta metro area better.


From our inception Geerdes and Associates,  has kept serving the community in mind. We strive to help individuals and families who are in desperate need of estate planning, asset protection, and expertise in wills and trusts. Our clients can expect vigorous advocacy during probate litigation.

We know the law as it applies to Georgia residents, and we also know the culture of our beautiful Southern region. Our team will approach your problems with a practical solution, and we always seek to communicate in plain language without any jargon. We always strive to instill a sense of trust and respect so that you feel confident sharing the details of your life, your assets, and your future.

Ondrea Hereford

Attorney Holly Geerdes is a very kind-hearted and hard-working attorney and she will give you her all. So if you’re in need of an attorney, definitely go with Holly Geerdes.

Margaret Saldjeno

The workshop was great and very informative. Holly, the presenter, was great and very knowledgeable!

Andrew Moore

Absolutely the most dedicated and dependable to a person that feels that no one was in the corner to support your fight. Super Lawyer… Super Cool.

Desta Lewis

It was really interesting to know that wills equal probate. I thought a will protected you. However, Holly gave us the 411 on the best way to protect our assets. Great seminar.

Dennis La'Mar Melton

Absolutely a true professional staff of lawyers that will go above and beyond on your behalf. I highly recommend Geerdes and Associates.

Ruth Stillman Barsich

I’ve been to many of these. This was so informative. Best ever.

Oswald Scarlett

Workshop was super informative, we were informed about the various types of trust. Most importantly. Wills plus trust is the key,

Don Carrier

Holly is much more knowledgeable about the legal implications of estate issues, asset protection and trusts and wills, than any of the other estate attorneys I have talked to.

Our Core Services

When choosing to put your trust in Geerdes and Associates, you can expect to be treated with dignity and compassion because those values are instilled in every member of our team. We want to provide our services in such a way that every single client feels valued and properly cared for throughout the entire process.

With so many ways of dividing and investing your assets, preparing for your own and your family's future can be a long and complicated road. We can help you figure out what works best for your situation.
We can prepare wills, trusts, power of attorney, health care directives, and all other avenues of estate planning. We are compassionate lawyers that understand your frustrations and know how to help!
Lawsuits are filed every six seconds in the U.S., which is why it is imperative that you are fully protected, no matter the size of your estate. Don't let unforeseen circumstance put your family's future in danger.
The probate process is complex, and it can be challenging to navigate in the best of times. After the death of a loved one, it can be near impossible without the help of expert counsel to guide you in this anxiety-ridden time in your life.
The Nursing Home Medicaid rules are very complex, which makes it hard on the average person to get the assistance they need to care for an aged loved one. We can help you get the support you need without destroying your future.


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