How Does Georgia probate work?

A Step-By-Step Guide on How Georgia Probate works

Georgia probate is the financial and legal process that takes place after the death of a person. It exceptionally deals with the person’s will, assets, and property. It is a time-consuming procedure, and one needs to deal with a lot of documentation, paperwork, and court proceedings. The majority of the families choose to get in touch with Georgia probate court lawyers and seek their professional guidance. In this article, you will learn more about Georgia probate and its functionality.

What Are the Things That Are Sorted Out During the Georgia probate Period?

Some of the essential things that are sorted out during this period are mentioned below:

  • Submission of proof through the legal proceedings to show that the individual’s will is valid. A Georgia probate law attorney can help in the process.
  • Preparing a catalog of the dead person’s property in order to ensure that each of the items and belongings is assigned with a proper value. Georgia probate firms are the right source that can help you deal with these tasks.
  • The payment of taxes and debts that are associated with the person.

An essential part of the Georgia probate process includes

Taking a Look at the Assets

After the Georgia probate process gets started, the executor needs to look at the assets of the decedent and their value. The person needs to involve themselves in investment account statements, banking, tax documents, and more. Apart from that, the executor might also be required to take particular physical possessions such as vehicles and fine arts.

Georgia probate Period

Getting in Touch with Creditors

Tracking down the decedent’s creditors is one of the significant roles of an executor. It is essential to pay off their debts, including medical bills and several other expenses that the person could not cover before passing away.

Filing Taxes

It is crucial to file and pay off the final taxes of the descendants with estate funds. These taxes are due within a year of the individual’s death.

Final Step

When the court confirms the completion of all taxes and debts, the process can be taken further by distributing the remaining estate to the will.

The Bottom Line

Georgia probate is not a daunting process if the right Georgia probate law attorney handles your case. Seeking expert help can assist you in protecting your taxation and probate.


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