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If you have been left as the administrator or executor on a loved one’s estate, you may have very little time to grieve for your loss. If a person has no will or trust, has only a will, or has a trust that has not been properly funded, it often requires the probate process. The executor is left coping with their emotional loss while also dealing with the reality of practical, financial situations. The combination of the complexity of probate and a mind struggling with loss can easily lead to a critical mistake.

The compassionate team of attorneys at The Atlanta Estate Law Center can help you get through this often frustrating process in a way that will minimize your anxiety. Proper estate planning can help loved ones avoid the harrowing probate process, but when wills and trusts have not been put in place, you can rely on the expertise of our lawyers.

Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys can also provide expert legal counsel to guide you in the obligations of your role as administrator or executor of the estate. You can depend on The Atlanta Estate Law Center attorneys to provide clear commnication in terms that you are able to understand on a regular basis to help eliminate any anxiety that you may have over the probate process.

Let us help you:
  • Gather and secure assets
  • Obtain necessary valuations
  • Address the pending claims
  • Arrange for payment of estate debts
  • File the tax returns and pay any tax payments that may be due
  • Account for all of the assets
  • Assist in asset distribution

We always advise seeking legal counsel as soon as possible to ensure that the matters are handled in a timely manner.

Understanding The Probate Process

Probate becomes necessary when the deceased has assets or property that was solely in their own name, and there is no will or trust transferring the assets to a beneficiary and no heir has been named. Someone will be appointed by the courts as the administrator of the estate if no one is named in the will as executor. This person is generally the spouse of an adult child of the deceased.

Basically, the process begins when a petition is filed with probate court. This petition will either admit the will to probate and appoint a person as executor, or it will only appoint someone as executor if there is no will. All of the beneficiaries and heirs have to be notified of the petition in order to allow them time to object in court. In most cases, the hearing will also be published in a local paper because this works as an attempt to notify any potential heirs or creditors that the probate process is beginning.

You will want legal counsel on your side for the entirety of the probate process so that you can better understand all the complexities. If you want more information on how an attorney can help you navigate this process, schedule a free consultation to discuss your probate needs.

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