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In order to help an elderly loved one or to prepare for your own senior years, it is important to take a proactive legal approach to financial planning. Everyone wants to grow old with dignity while having the financial freedom that allows for autonomy throughout their lifetime. The key to making that a reality is by being proactive preparing for the needs of long-term care instead of simply being reactive when the need arises.

There are tools that can be used to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Employing the services of a knowledgeable attorney in the areas of Elder Law and Medicaid services is an important first step. The team at The Estate Law Center can help you protect your assets, control your medical autonomy, and provide for loved ones so that you and they can be assured of financial security.

Medic Aid

Let The Estate Law Center help you. Whether you need to start Medicaid planning for a loved one like an aging parent or you want to do some preemptive planning for yourself, our expert attorneys are ready to serve you. You can expect compassionate care that will help you take the anxiety out of the senior years.

What Is Medicaid Planning?

Obtaining eligibility for government benefits should the need ever arise is referred to as Medicaid planning. It does not mean that you or your family member will be going on Medicaid, it is simply reserving it as an option should it be something that is needed.

With the rising costs of nursing care in an assisted living facility, there are very few people that can afford to cover those feeds for themselves or for a family member. In many cases, Medicaid is the only available option to receive the needed care. Private insurance and Medicare are only willing to pay for nursing home facilities if the care is short term like during rehabilitation after a surgery, but neither will cover long-term care in an assisted living facility. For those that require nursing to get through the day, the coverage is only available through Medicaid.

Even those of modest means may find that they do not qualify for Medicaid, even though they cannot and will never be able to afford the costs of long-term care. Any significant assets, such as equity in a home, will disqualify you or your loved one from being eligible for Medicaid.

However, you can make yourself or your loved one eligible with proper Medicaid planning. You can structure the ownership of your property and your loved one’s assets into an irrevocable Medicaid trust. This allows your loved one to qualify for Medicaid right away, and it can be done so that you will be able to qualify for Medicaid in the future. No one should be forced to give up the things they have worked for their entire life simply to afford to get the care that they need in their twilight years.

…No one should be forced to give up the things they have worked for their entire life simply to afford to get the care that they need in their twilight years.
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